Chuck Erickson



A few years ago my taijiquan teacher asked what weapon I wanted to study.  Most other students had decided on the sword,

I chose the cane. 

You might ask, why would I chose the cane over the sword.  The sword is an extremely effective weapon, but you can't carry a sword around with you, they have little purpose other than cutting,  The cane however, is not only a medical device that can be taken anywhere, it can also serve to protect you.  

In today's world of bad guys, you never know when or where a violent situation may occur.   You can carry a firearm for protection, but requires a permit to carry concealed, and if concealed you have to get to it before you can use it.  With a cane already "unholstered", you are immediately ready to respond to a threat.  I also have knee issues, and the cane would provide me support when needed.   Needless to say, I was hooked on the crook.    

Not long after, I discovered Cane Masters and Grand Master Mark Shuey Sr.  I liked what I saw, so became a student.  I decided the course of study I wanted was for older adults and called "Silver Dragons".   

I am certified to train individuals in the Canemasters  exercise and self-defense system, Cane-Fu.  I look forward to sharing with you, the knowledge I've gained in fitness and self-defense with a cane.

The skills you will learn will increase your self confidence and help protect you in violent situations.




February 2, 2018

Charles (Chuck) Erickson

Has completed all requirements and, therefore, has earned the rank of a Certified Facilitator, on this 2nd day of February in the year 2018 the Cane-Fu System, under Cane Masters International Association, for self-defense and exercise.  Said individual is now given authority to promote and facilitate a learning environment in which Cane-Fu may be taught and spread and, as such, is entitled to all rights and privileges associated with this designation.

Grand Master Mark Shuey

Cane Masters Founder




December 16, 2016

Chuck Erickson

The above named person has demonstrated completion of Michael Phillips 37 Taijiquan form; Jibengong exercises:  including Kai Men, 9 section linear qigong, 8 Brocades, Shoulder Spirals, 5 Treasurers Qigong, Energy work:  Dragon/Tiger Energy lines, Acupoint Massage, Yanji Miquan Taijiquan, Taiji Cane.

Philip J. Hanson

Thunder Mountain Tai Chi

Sierra Vista, AZ