Tai Chi & Cane Self-Defense

Tai Chi & Cane Self-Defense

Tai Chi & Cane Self-DefenseTai Chi & Cane Self-DefenseTai Chi & Cane Self-Defense

Cane Power with Cane-Fu


What Is Cane-Fu

Cane-Fu is a fitness and self-defense system that contains the most efficient and effective exercises and self-defense techniques from the American Cane System

Cane-Fu consists of isometric cane exercise, isotonic cane exercise with bands, cane stretches and cane self-defense.

The techniques are easy to learn, and when practiced on a regular basis, will help improve health and instill greater self-confidence in your ability to survive a violent attack.  


The Cane Masters Exercise System uses a combination of isometric and isotonic techniques to provide an effective and efficient regimen for muscle toning, flexibility and rehabilitation.  

The cane exercises may be performed while standing, sitting, or prone.  


  • Threat Awareness
  • Blocks--Double and Single Handed
  • Strikes using the Shaft and Tip
  • Throws using the Crook
  • Techniques using the Horn
  • Self-Defense vs. other weapons
  • "Dirty Dozen" --  Sitting and Standing.  These techniques will have the bad guys crying.

We adopted the Cane Masters Philosophy


 "Our Philosophy is that the cane is more than a crutch.  It is a powerful, portable, and adaptable tool for self defense, exercise, health, rehabilitation, and personal empowerment.

We believe that self-defense training with a cane can increase your chances of surviving an aggressive attack.  There are no guarantees when it comes to self-protection, but self-defense training with a cane will improve your odds of survival.

We believe that by increasing concentration, balance, flexibility, reducing stress, and raising confidence, we help our students become masters of their own wellbeing."